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Our Science

At Scripps Research, our century-long commitment to scientific advancement has yielded profound impacts on human health.

From pioneering a life-saving medicine for premature infants to contributing to treatments in cardiovascular health, multiple sclerosis and cancer, our research demonstrates a dedication to real-world solutions. Beyond these achievements, we continue to push the frontiers of science and medicine and stand poised to shape the next century and beyond. Scripps Research remains a beacon of innovation, bridging scientific exploration with meaningful impact on human health.
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Immunologists and microbiologists at Scripps Research are devoted to explaining how the immune system functions, how diseases spread and evolve, and designing new treatments for infectious diseases, cancer and autoimmune disorders.


Scripps Research is renowned for its world-class chemists who explore the intersection of chemistry and biology, driving advancements in therapies and global sustainability.

Drug Discovery

The Calibr-Skaggs Institute for Innovative Medicines, founded by Scripps Research's President and CEO Peter Schultz and integrated in 2018, serves as its drug discovery arm, bridging fundamental discovery with focused R&D to address unmet medical needs.

Infectious Disease

Scientists at Scripps Research actively combat infectious diseases, notably contributing to COVID-19 solutions, while using their insights to prepare for future microbial threats.


Scripps Research neuroscientists delve into the intricacies of the brain, exploring aging, neurodegenerative diseases, and brain-body communication, illuminating longstanding mysteries.

Individualized Medicine

Founded by Eric Topol in 2007, the Scripps Research Translational Institute emphasizes personalized medicine by harnessing genomics, digital technologies, and AI.


Since 1989, the Skaggs Graduate School at Scripps Research, emphasizing innovation and education, has consistently ranked among the nation's top 10 for PhD programs in Chemistry and Biological Sciences.